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If you want to book lessons with me, please get in touch either using the contact form or E-Mail / Text Message. If you want to call, please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can (I can't and won't use my phone whilst driving or teaching!).


I am as flexible as possible with my lesson times and will try to accommodate you the best I can to your preferred time and location. Lessons can start and finish in different locations, if it suits you best.


Where ever possible, I try to encourage students to book 2 hour lessons (see below) but I can be flexible with the timing. Please note, the minimum lesson duration is 1 hour.


You can book new lessons and manage your existing bookings through the 'MyRED' website. If you have not already done so, you will need to create an account first. Once created, select me (Stephen Birch) as your instructor and book the lessons you need.


If you need any help, just give me a call and I will talk you through the process.


Use the 'MyRED' button on the left to get started!


Eligibility to drive:

In order to receive lessons and drive any car, you must have your provisional driving licence. This will need to be checked before you start lessons and shown on your first lesson. Further details will be discussed after you book.

Why longer lessons?


It is proven that 2 hour lessons are far more efficient for learning to drive, however let’s look into what’s in it for you. The average lesson will be broken up in the following way, especially in the early stages of learning. 

1 hour Lesson

Moving to training area: 5 minutes

Review and briefing: 10 minutes

Recap: 5 minutes

Theory: 5 minutes

Return home: 5 minutes


In a one hour lesson this leaves 30 minutes ‘real’ learning time.


Now compare this to a 2 hour lesson. This gives you 90 minutes “real” learning time, which is THREE times the amount compared to a one hour lesson at only twice the cost. 

As your learning progresses, longer lessons will enable you to experience more diverse and challenging, real life driving experiences. Remember, I teach Safe Driving for Life.


Two hour lessons should also help save you money in the long term on your costs of learning and could speed up the time taken to be test ready.



There may be times when you need to move your lesson times. Please ensure you give 48 hours notice of any changes to prevent the risk of being charged for your lessons.

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